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When we think of the teaching of our Lord, vulnerability may not be the first [...]

Speaking truth

I was blessed to spend a weekend with some young people some months ago talking [...]

Elpis Israel and its impact

After my baptism I was presented with a copy of Elpis Israel written by Brother [...]

4. Obedient Children

This is the fourth in a series of articles on Family Life by Ben Pitcher [...]

An appeal in troubled times (3): The oneness that binds

So far, we have seen our problems with polarisation and bias and that we must [...]

An appeal in troubled times (2): The bias that blinds

In our previous article we saw how trial exposes us and how easily we sink [...]

An appeal in troubled times (1): The test of true love

“He broke my house!” shouted the child, shattering the peace and looking desperately for me [...]

3. Caring Mothers

This is the third in a series of articles on Family Life by Ben Pitcher [...]

Chapter books for younger children

“Please Dad! Just one more chapter. Please?” It’s evening time, the fire is crackling, and [...]

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Prayer (2): God hears the prayers of the imperfect

Synopsis: The answer is always God, but will God hear me? How many times have [...]

Learn the Prayer of Lament

Turning pain into praise Feelings of heartbreaking sorrow once ruled my heart. More than anything [...]

And the second is like unto it

It has always fascinated me how different conversations can lead us to look at the [...]

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