MyPrayers is designed to not get in the way or take over your prayer life.
It sits quietly in the background as a prompt so that your thoughts can centre upon God and what you wish to say to Him.

Why use MyPrayers?

We often experience difficulties with prayer. Concentration, clichés, repetitiveness, sameness, what to pray about, or even to remember to pray! This tool was designed to help us with all these matters.


  • Helps you to organise and think about your prayer life and your relationship with God.
  • Enables you to think about your prayers so that you have something meaningful to talk to God about.
  • Enables you to make up prayer lists, but not just a list of names, things, or events, but add meaningful notes about what you want to say about those things.
  • Reminds you when it’s time for prayer. Time to make time for God.
  • Provides a preparation time to select from your items, lists, and notes, what you want to say to God in that particular prayer. Time to think about your prayer and about God.
  • Doesn’t rule your life. No merit system, no reward system, or network pressure. It simply provides you with a prompt to do what you allow it to do.
  • Allows you to concentrate upon God and develop your relationship with Him.

How MyPrayers works

Setting up iPhone
Prayer Review on iPhone
Prayer view

The Organiser

This is where you set up:

  • When you want to pray or meditate.
  • What you want to pray about or meditate upon.
  • How you want those items presented during preparation time.

Prayer Review Mode

When you receive your alert and open the app in Prayer mode, you have time to prepare:

  • The items and notes you want to use for your prayer or meditation.
  • Your mind for approaching the Father.

Prayer Mode

Once you’ve completed the review, you begin your prayer.

Each item you’ve prepared and selected is presented as a prompt for you to use during your prayer or your meditation.


Here are a few of the features you will find in MyPrayers

sync feature

Sync between devices

Sync between your iPhone and iPad using iCloud.

organiser icon


A place to thoughtfully organise, structure, and build your prayers.

prayer lists

Prayer lists

Ability to quickly add to prayer lists while on the run.

Add notes to prayer items


Add meaningful notes to items you wish to pray for .


Add from Contacts

Bulk add people from your device’s Contacts.


Presentation options

Select items to be rotated consecutively, randomly, or selected manually.



You can set up meditations, with notes and verses, too.

Calendar times for prayers

Prayer Times

Set up times for prayer.

Prayer alerts


Set alerts for prayer times.

Select items

Item selection

Ability to elect what items and specifics you wish to include during prayer preparation time.

Edit notes

Add extra notes

Add extra notes to any item during prayer preparation time.

Light and Dark Modes

Light and Dark Modes

Light or dark modes. You can set it according to the time of day, or your mood!



It is an unobtrusive prompt during prayers.

Print off your prayers

Print off your prayers

If you don’t like using your device during your prayer, print off your prayer.