The Kingdom Vision Project

Wilderness Voice sponsored The Kingdom Vision Project 2020

What is the Kingdom Vision Project?

The Kingdom Vision Project is a compilation of Kingdom visions collected from brothers and sisters from around the ecclesial world. They include written, illustration, or mixed media presentations. It also includes artwork from Sunday School children and young people.

The digital version of the Kingdom Visions book is now available

Kingdom Visions book

God’s Kingdom — A collection of visions

This book is a collection of visions from the Christadelphian brotherhood. It is the result of The Kingdom Project that Wilderness Voice undertook during 2020—a tumultuous year for the whole world because of the Covid-19 pandemic, which has caused us to reflect deeply on our Hope. There are contributions from brothers and sisters, teens, and children from all over the ecclesial world, including New Zealand, Australia, America, Canada, Germany, Argentina, Chile, Kenya, England, Bolivia, Costa Rico, and Wales.

You can download this PDF Version of this collection FREE below.


Download a PDF version of the Kingdom Visions book.
It’s a very large file (16MB)! It shows that it is packed material for you to feast upon and be encouraged.

Printed version

We are working on producing a printed (hardcopy) version soon, God willing.