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Media Kit

The following kit and information is available for anyone wishing to promote, review, or comment upon MyPrayers.

The press kit contains a selection of screenshots of the MyPrayers app and a high resolution copy of the MyPrayers icon.

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About MyPrayers

MyPrayers is an app that supports users with their prayers. People using the app can set up their daily, weekly, or even monthly regular prayers using helpful and thoughtful structures and functionality. It is an app for creating, building, and thinking about your prayers. You can add items to prayer lists while on the go as well encourage you to stop and think about each matter so your prayer is genuine and not by rote.

The app is designed not to be intrusive; an app should not rule your prayer life. It’s a tool that gathers the information, helps you through a process of thinking about your prayers, prompts you to think about each item before you give a prayer, and is there if, needed, when you give your prayer.

A full description of the app, its benefits and features can be found on the MyPrayers main page.


$3.50. The app does contain the ability for in-app purchases.


MyPrayers is a universal app for both iPhone and iPad.


MyPrayers is available in all territories that the App Store supports.

About the Creators of MyPrayers

The concept and design of MyPrayers came from David Bailey for Wilderness Voice. These ideas were given practical reality for the iOS devices by app developer Devin Davies, the creator of the loved Daily Bible Readings app Daily.

About Wilderness Voice

Wilderness Voice Publications is a not-for-profit charitable trust in New Zealand. It is devoted to providing spiritual and practical help to those who seek and serve God in truth. 

For more about Wilderness Voice, check out our About us page.