A Word in Season Music Audio

A selection of Christadelphian favourite hymns and spiritual songs for comfort.

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About this Music Audio

Most of these items come straight from our Christadelphian Hymn Book, a book that is used by brothers and sisters around the globe. Not only is our Hymn Book a wonderful heritage and uniting factor for our congregations, but it also accurately reflects the doctrines and beliefs of those that are “called to be saints” (1 Cor 1:2). We are therefore excited to share with you these pieces and hymns and we pray that they may be to you … a word in season.

Singers: Mishael Widemann (soprano), Vanessa Thelning (alto), Roger Lewis (tenor), Tobi Widemann (bass)

Price: NZ$18.70 (Fundraiser—see below)


We live in uncertain and unstable times! But we have a living hope with wonderful assurance from God’s Word. It is good to remind ourselves of the comfort of that Hope, and one way we can to do this, is by listening to Scripture sung beautifully with passion and understanding. 

Fundraiser for the Christadelphian Family Bible School

All proceeds from the sale of this audio go to the New Zealand Christadelphian Family Bible School.


Fourteen of our favourite hymns and songs of comfort. Here is the playlist. You can play snippets so you can sample each of these beautifully sung pieces before you make your decision.

01 Cast thy burden upon the Lord (Hymn 31)
02 No reason for despair (Hymn 380)
03 Who is on the Lord's side? (Hymn 372)
04 O taste and see how gracious the Lord is (Goss)
05 Take courage my brother (Hymn 357)
06 O Son of man, who walked each day (Hymn 212)
07 And the peace of God (Hymn 373)
08 Brethren, let us walk together (Hymn 341)
09 Rest in the Lord (Hymn 21)
10 Be ye stedfast (Hymn 339)
11 Loved of God, in sorrow mourning (Hymn 378)
12 Most glorious things are spoken (Hymn 379)
13 The Lord bless you and keep you (Hymns 166/167)
14 He that shall endure to the end (Mendelssohn)
Excerpts only.