The Wonder of Forgiveness (ebook)

Author: David Bailey

A book that can help you see and be moved by the wonder in God’s forgiveness.
Easy to read, yet comprehensive.
Extensive Subject and Biblical Indexes.
7 Illustrations.


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“Forgiveness works beyond the taking away of our sins. Forgiveness works a wonder. It changes the way we think; it governs the direction of our walk; it generates sincerity in our worship, and moderates our relationships with God and man.”

This book leads us on a journey—a spiritual and scriptural journey. It is very personal. It opens us up to ourselves and to God. It prepares our minds to receive the grace of God in His Son, and allows God’s forgiveness to work its wonder and bring change in our lives.

  • Easy to read, and written in a compelling style
  • Comprehensive
  • It answers many of the questions asked about sin and forgiveness
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David Bailey is a Christadelphian from Christchurch, New Zealand. He is an active member of the Wilderness Voice team.