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Nazareth Revisited

By Robert Roberts

Nazareth RevisitedWhat a valuable book Nazareth Revisited has been to the Brotherhood! This book is a masterpiece. It is at once exposition, exhortation, and commentary on the life and works of Jesus Christ.

Robert Roberts wrote the book, not because there weren’t any books on this subject; to the contrary, there were many lauded volumes including those by Edersheim, Farrar, Renan and others. But, as brother Roberts points out in the preface, these authors may present their version of Christ’s life and works with scholarly credentials, with piety, and with pretty language, but they paint a picture of Christ filtered through the distorted lens of orthodoxy. Their’s cannot be a true picture of Christ.  “Christ is built into the whole structure of the Bible; and it is essential to a right interpretation of him that the purpose of God as revealed and embodied in that structure be understood”, says Robert Roberts in the preface. As he takes pains to show, he wanted to write a version that was based on that biblical structure through the simple presentation of the four gospel writers. He says that he “… endeavoured to fuse the four narratives of the New Testament into one harmonious story, embracing every particular and adjusting every apparent variation in the four evangelists. He sends forth the result with a degree of affectionate reverence for the subject that words cannot express, and with a desire unutterable that the public mind (starving on all kinds of intellectual inanity) might awake to the feast of fat things which God provided for the world [2000] years ago in the life and work of Christ; and for which he will shortly secure renewed attention in world-wide events that will cause every ear to tingle.”

In this he succeeded. And in so doing, he has left us a valuable and cherished Christadelphian Classic.



Chapter 1: Christ a Reality

Chapter 2: The Place of Christ in History

Chapter 3: The Necessity for Christ in the Divine Scheme of History

Chapter 4: Preparation

Chapter 5: The Work of John the Baptist

Chapter 6: Mary at Nazareth

Chapter 7: Bethlehem

Chapter 8: Childhood

Chapter 9: From Childhood to Manhood

Chapter 10: In Preparation for Public Life

Chapter 11: On the Banks of the Jordan and in the Wilderness

Chapter 12: From the Wilderness to Cana of Galilee

Chapter 13: The First Visit to Jerusalem—Nicodemus

Chapter 14: To Galilee—Through Samaria via Jabob’s Well

Chapter 15: FromJabob’s Well to Capernaum via Nazareth and Cana

Chapter 16: From Capernaum to the Scene of the “Sermon on the Mount”

Chapter 17: The “Sermon on the Mount”

Chapter 18: From the “Sermon on the Mount” to the First Tempest on the Sea of Galilee

Chapter 19: In the Storm—Matthew Called …

Chapter 20: Matthew’s Feast—Two Blind Men Cured

Chapter 21: From the Cure of the Blind Men to the Call of the Apostles

Chapter 22: The Twelve Apostles—Their Call, Their Qualifications, and Their Instructions

Chapter 23: Christ’s First Address to the Twelve Apostles

Chapter 24: After His Discourse to the Twelve Apostles

Chapter 25: In Collision with the Pharisees

Chapter 26: By the Sea of Galilee

Chapter 27: The Parables: The Tares—The Mustard Seed—The Leaven—The Hidden Treasure—The Pearl—The Net

Chapter 28: The Wise and Foolish Builders—The Seed Cast into the Ground—The Two Debtors—The Good Samaritan—The Good Shepherd

Chapter 29: The Sheepfold

Chapter 30: The Man with the Barns—The Barren Fig Tree—The Lowest Place—The Labourers in the Vineyard—The Lost Sheep—The Lost Money—The Prodigal Son—The Unjust Steward

Chapter 31: The Parables: The Rich Man and Lazarus—The Unjust Judge—The Pharisee and the Publican—The Unmerciful Servant

Chapter 32: The Talents—The Master of the House—The Two Sons—The Vineyard

Chapter 33: The Talents—The Marriage Feast—The Ten Virgins

Chapter 34: Multiplying the Loaves and Walking on the Sea

Chapter 35: In the Synagogue at Capernaum

Chapter 36: At Tyre and Decapolis—Feeds the Multitude a Second Time

Chapter 37: At Bethsaida—In Caesarea Philippi—The Transfiguration

Chapter 38: From the Mount of Transfiguration to Capernaum—His Rebuke of Ambition

Chapter 39: Pays Taxes—Forbids Vengeance—Attends the Feast of Tabernacles

Chapter 40: Controversy in the Temple Courts—The Accused Woman

Chapter 41: The Blind Beggar Controversy—The Pharisees and Resurrectional Responsibility

Chapter 42: The Charge of Blasphemy Against Christ—The Raising of Lazarus

Chapter 43: Departure From Jerusalem—Invterview With the Seventy

Chapter 44: Martha and Mary—The Children—How to Pray—Dinner with the Pharisees

Chapter 45: A Property Dispute—Covetousness and Anxiety—His Second Coming

Chapter 46: The Slaughtered Galileans—The “Fox” Herod—Jerusalem—A Sabbath Day Dinner and its Incidents

Chapter 47: Causes of Stumbling—”Unprofitable Servants”—The Ten Lepers—The Kingdom—The Signsof His Coming

Chapter 48: Weeps Over Jerusalem—Rides Into the City—Blasts the Fig Tree

Chapter 49: Silences the Pharisees and the Sadducees—His Open Denunciation of Them as Blind Leaders

Chapter 50: The Widow’s Mite—The Olivet Prophecy—The Parables of the Sheep and Goats

Chapter 51: Visitors: The End of His Public Labour—His Last Passover—The Breaking of Bread

Coming soon, God willing.

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